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What Is an HCM and How Do You Know If You Need One? pixel2techology

Employees are, in a real sense, the only way any company can actually make money. They’re the most valuable asset management has at their disposal. So just as executives see fit to invest in physical and digital infrastructure for day-to-day operations, maintaining the human infrastructure is just as critical for positive cash flow. Human capital […]

IT and Security Pros Are ‘Cautiously Optimistic’ About AI pixel2techology

The C-suite is more familiar with AI technologies than their IT and security staff, according to a report from the Cloud Security Alliance commissioned by Google Cloud. The report, published on April 3, addressed whether IT and security professionals fear AI will replace their jobs, the benefits and challenges of the increase in generative AI […]

Authy vs Google Authenticator: Two-Factor Authenticator Comparison pixel2techology

The number of businesses affected by data breaches has risen over the years, showcasing that passwords alone fail to provide enough security for your applications and online accounts. With both small and big businesses falling victim to these data leaks and security violations, software engineers developed authentication security measures to ensure zero trust security for […]

This IT Career Kickstarter Bundle is An Extra 20% Off Through 4/7 pixel2techology

TL;DR: Every business needs IT people. Save money by becoming your own with The 2023 Ultimate IT Career Kickstarter Bundle, just $47.99 for a limited time with promo code SECURE20. Businesses today rely heavily on digital resources. When technology doesn’t cooperate, you need quality IT people to mediate problems and ensure all of your tech […]

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