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TechRepublic’s Review Methodology for VPNs pixel2techology

At TechRepublic, we aspire to provide our readers with a fair and honest assessment of virtual private networks they may invest in. To achieve this, we believe it’s important to share how we evaluate VPNs, what criteria are used to rate each aspect of a VPN and how it all adds up to our final […]

Save $152 on This Intuitive Document Scanner for iPhone pixel2techology

TL;DR: With SwiftScan VIP, you can scan anything from handwritten notes to QR codes from your mobile device. Through April 16th, it’s on sale for $48 when using coupon code ENJOY20 at checkout. It’s 2024; why would you need a physical scanner to make scans, potentially wasting time and money for your business? You can […]

8 Best ETL Tools and Software for 2024 pixel2techology

Extract, transform and load (ETL) tools are used to migrate data from disparate sources, preprocess the data and load it into a target system or data warehouse. The process often offers users better querying and analytics, including visualization, and better decision-making capabilities as a result. In this article, we’ll discuss the best ETL tools and […]

Can Microsoft Copilot Write Simple SQL Commands for You? pixel2techology

According to the claims made by large technology companies, generative artificial intelligence platforms like Microsoft Copilot will make the working lives of people at all levels of a business organization more productive and efficient. But is that just hyperbole, or do the claims have some merit? For example, can the free version of Microsoft Copilot, […]

Determine Which Version of Microsoft Copilot Is Right for You pixel2techology

Copilot has quickly become a vital and strategic part of the Microsoft lineup of products and services. Whether you are a large enterprise, small business or merely a regular user of a Windows personal computer, at the very least, you are likely aware of Microsoft Copilot and its generative AI capabilities. Microsoft is currently offering […]

94% of Ransomware Victims Have Their Backups Targeted pixel2techology

Organisations that have backed up their sensitive data may believe they are relatively safe from ransomware attacks; however, this is not the case based on findings from a new study from IT security company Sophos. The report showed that cybercriminals attempted to compromise the backups of 94% of companies hit by ransomware in the past […]

TIOBE Index News (April 2024): PHP’s Popularity Declining pixel2techology

PHP plummeted to position #17 on the TIOBE Programming Index in April 2024 from #12 in March 2024, TIOBE Software CEO Paul Jansen pointed out in his post about the rankings in April 2024. C++ continues to pull ahead of Java and solidify its place in the top three programming languages. The TIOBE Programming Community Index (Figure […]

Apple Alerts iPhone Users to Mercenary Spyware Attacks pixel2techology

Apple sent a threat notification to iPhone users in 92 countries on April 10 informing them that their device was “being targeted by a mercenary spyware attack.” The alert, sent at 12:00 p.m. Pacific Time, told recipients that the attackers were attempting to “remotely compromise” their phone and that they were likely being targeted specifically […]

HubSpot vs Salesforce: CRM Comparison 2024 pixel2techology

A powerful customer relationship management tool can go a long way toward generating leads, managing customer dataand empowering your marketing and sales efforts. We recommend HubSpot for sales teams looking for an all-in-one CRM with robust email marketing features and free AI tools. If you want an alternative with advanced reporting and analytics for your […]

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