For home office decoration ideas, check out these products, which may help you be more productive and even reduce stress.

A personalized work-from-home space can increase your productivity and drive your creativity. Interior design and decoration can also create better life-work balance, uplift your mood and potentially even improve your health. Let’s look at eight home office decor ideas, all available for Walmart Business members, for 2024.

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Costa Farms Live, Indoor Cat Palm plant

You can bring nature into your home office without spending a lot. Plants are a simple and effective way to boost your mood, reduce stress and improve air quality. When it comes to indoor plants, opt for low-maintenance species like succulents or palms. These plants do not need direct sunlight and can thrive in different conditions.

You can buy a Costa Farms live, indoor, tall, green Cat Palm for just $28.50 through Walmart Business. This plant can grow up to 6 feet with indirect light and only needs 2 to 3 cups of water per week. The Cat Palm is great for medium and large spaces.

Cat Palm plant.
Cat Palm plant. Image: Walmart Business

8′ Wood Bookcase Wall with Ladder

Whether you love books or art, wall-to-wall products such as furniture and artwork are an excellent concept to radically transform a workspace in your home and display what inspires you.

Walmart Business sells the Martin Furniture 8′ tall traditional wood bookcase wall for $3,098.92. The library comes in gray or brown and has a ladder to reach the upper shelves. This piece has a hefty price tag, but it could become the centerpiece of your home office and give you a lot of storage and display options.

Wood bookcase with ladder.
Wood bookcase with ladder. Image: Walmart Business

Victure 10.1” IPS WiFi digital frame

Family and friends can be a source of strength, support and inspiration. With traditional or digital frames, you can always keep your loved ones close. Personal photos also provide a warm touch to your WFH environment and can be uplifting, especially during long workdays.

Walmart Business sells a wide range of digital frames that are perfect for home offices. The Victure 10.1” IPS WiFi digital frame on holiday sale costs $79.99, which is a huge discount from its usual price of $169.99. The Victure 10.1” has a full HD 1280 x 800 resolution and comes with 16 GB built-in storage. You can use a free app to seamlessly upload your favorite pictures to the digital frame and navigate the Victure 10.1” using its touchscreen.

Victure 10.1" digital frame.
Victure 10.1″ digital frame. Image: Walmart Business

Vintage Lateral Storage Cabinet Station with Locks

Whether you want to give your workspace a modern look, more classical lines or a minimalistic design, there are a lot of options when it comes to storage products. Plus, storage products, which usually are not very expensive, keep a home office space organized and can help minimize clutter.

You can get an industrial vintage look for your office with the Fesbos four-drawer metal file cabinet. The lateral file cabinet is made of solid steel, and it has deep and spacious drawers. All of the drawers have an interlocking mechanism design, providing a reliable anti-tilt structure. At Walmart Business, this Fesbos file cabinet is one sale for $239.99; the regular price is $295.99.

Fesbos file cabinet.
Fesbos file cabinet. Image: Walmart Business

Adesso Felix 3607-21 LED Wall Washer Floor Lamp

In your workspace, it’s recommended to maximize natural light. One way to get more natural light in your home office is to position your desk near a window. Another excellent option is mood lights, which can help you regulate your work cycle, improve focus and make your environment more modern. In addition, mood lights can create an ambient warm-toned light; some smart lights can be set to different colors and intensities.

Walmart Business is selling the Adesso Felix 3607-21 LED wall floor lamp for $232.64. The lamp is minimalistic and features a 10-inch tube that emits 2,500 lumens of dimmable light. The integrated LED bulbs are not replaceable, but they last 50,000 hours.

Adesso Felix LED floor lamp.
Adesso Felix LED floor lamp. Image: Walmart Business

Bestier Minimal L-Shaped Desk with Storage

Workspaces with a minimalist design may help you reduce stress and focus better, ideally leading to being more productive. If you like this design concept, furniture can be a way to reflect your aesthetic; for instance, minimalist designed furniture, including desks, can help to declutter and unify your office space.

Bestier’s minimal L-shaped desk is perfect to keep your workspace in order; and, it has extra storage space and can be adapted to whether you like to work sitting down or standing up. This desk is available from Walmart Business for $229.99 in Grey and $219.99 in Rustic Brown.

Bestier Minimal L-shaped desk.
Bestier Minimal L-shaped desk. Image: Walmart Business

INK+IVY’s Waldorf Lounge Chair

Investing in a few pieces of high-quality furniture or accessories to create a sense of luxury and sophistication in your home office can elevate the look and feel of the space. Luxury furniture could impress potential clients if you have meetings in your office, and it could be your coveted spot where you take comfortable breaks between tasks.

Walmart Business sells a luxury Waldorf lounge chair in Chocolate for $486.49 and in Gray for $486.29. The deep-seated chair has an antique bronze finish on the metal frame and gray snakeskin patterned faux leather fabric.

Waldorf Lounge Chair.
Waldorf Lounge Chair. Image: Walmart Business

JYXOIHUB 49-inch electronic smartboard and whiteboard

Collaboration is essential at work. Fortunately, there are tech solutions that can help make collaborating easier.

One example is the JYXOIHUB 49-inch digital electronic smartboard and whiteboard. Walmart Business sells this cutting-edge digital electronic board for $1,749.00. The smartboard/whiteboard is mobile and can adapt to different environments. It looks good in any office thanks to its modern design. With a built-in camera, screen mirroring, and live screening tech, this whiteboard can be used to present reports in person or online, participate in hybrid meetings and brainstorm with colleagues no matter where they are.

JYXOIHUB smartboard and whiteboard.
JYXOIHUB smartboard and whiteboard. Image: Walmart Business


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