TL;DR: Enhance your Mac experience and unlock improved productivity for your business with this special deal. This pack of 16 macOS utilities from EnSili is now $39.99 (reg. $221) for a limited time.

To make sure you and your team are making the most out of your Mac business computers, it’s important to get in touch with apps and features designed to do just that. With the Big Mac Utility Bundle, you get more than a few.

This collection of 16 tiny apps from EnSili helps you automate loads of everyday tasks, meaning you and your team can get more out of every work day. Right now, you can get the whole pack for just $39.99 via TechRepublic Academy.

Most of us have tasks we have to repeat every day at work or while running a business. Each repetition might only take a couple of minutes, but that time adds up.

EnSili creates utilities that help you reclaim those wasted minutes.

What’s included

Say you want to run a promotion for your business. QR Wizard lets you whip up some scannable codes in minutes without using insecure online options.

Perhaps your business has a mobile app. Iconize lets you generate a pixel-perfect icon with a couple of clicks, with plenty of customization options and support for multiple platforms.

The line-up also includes color palette creator Colori and file organizer Tidier. Web2Mac lets you add any website to the macOS Dock, while AllClips is a powerful clipboard manager.

PhotoFoundry offers professional-quality batch image conversions, and WiFi Radar Pro lets you troubleshoot any wireless network. There’s plenty more in the bundle, as well.

The included utilities work with any Apple machine running macOS 12+, and you can install the apps on up to two devices.

The apps in this bundle have a combined value of $221, but you can grab them all on a lifetime license to The Big Mac Utility Bundle for just $39.99 with this deal.

Prices and availability are subject to change.


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