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TL;DR: Learn Java from scratch and move on to advanced skills with The 2024 Java Programming Certification Bundle – it’s on sale through 1/14 for only $24.99.

If you’d like to reduce contracting expenses and increase your business’s independence and services, developing solid Java skills could be a productive use of your time. More than 9 million developers and major corporations worldwide use Java, so the demand is real.

The 2024 Java Programming Certification Bundle has courses for beginners to experienced developers and it is currently available for just $24.99 through January 14 at 11:59 PM PT — no coupon required.

What’s Included

Fundamentals of Object-Oriented Programming: Java & intelliJ were expressly created to teach novices the skills required for a Jr. Java Developer position and provide a foundation for advancing in software engineering. Some programming languages aren’t just easy to learn; they can also be fun.

Zero to Hero Java SpringBoot & JPA Mastery with Real Project is a course that also requires no previous experience and uses hands-on practice to teach you all the skills you need to design a production-ready application at the end of the course.

Learn Java Design Patterns: The Complete Guide teaches you how to build flexible, robust software with Java design patterns and how to apply them to real-world projects.

When you’re ready, there are two courses designed for developers and engineers. Building Modern Distributed Systems with Java takes a practical approach, offering many examples of code and best practices that will be a valuable reference when getting ready for systems design job interviews. And the concepts you’ll learn in The Java Multithreading & Parallel Programming Masterclass don’t just apply to Java, but also to a variety of other programming languages.

Finish up by diving deep into security protocols in Practical Bootcamp JWT Authentication with Java & Spring Boot, which covers authentication and authorization best practices, including setting up user registrations and logins, plus much more.

These courses are offered by Packt Publishing, creator of more than 4,000 engaging videos and books to help IT professionals learn about emerging technology or how to optimize crucial skills as effectively as possible. Increase your business this year with new tools and new skills.

Get The 2024 Java Programming Certification Bundle for just $24.99 through January 14, no coupon required.

Prices and availability are subject to change.

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