The survey results demonstrate Python’s enduring appeal as a versatile and adaptable programming language.

JetBrains’ State of Developer Ecosystem 2023 survey results provide numerous insights into Python’s enduring popularity and widespread utility among developers. Despite the fast-paced evolution of programming languages, Python continues to maintain a firm grasp on developers’ preferences, as reflected by the responses.

Python relishes diversity

One key observation is the consistent growth in Python’s adoption across various domains. The survey indicates that Python’s usage spans diverse areas, with data analysis (47%), machine learning (42%) and web development (40%) emerging as the top use cases. This versatility underscores Python’s applicability across scientific research, machine learning applications and web-based projects. This broad scope of application demonstrates Python’s resilience and adaptability, making it a go-to choice for developers working across different industries.

Another noteworthy trend is the synergy between Python and its associated frameworks and libraries. The survey reveals that Python developers frequently utilize frameworks such as Django (40%) and Flask (39%) for web development, while also leveraging data science tools such as NumPy (64%) and pandas (59%) for data analysis. This cross-utilization highlights Python’s seamless integration with specialized tools, enabling developers to address specific challenges effectively.

Insights on integrated development environments

Moreover, the survey captures developers’ preferences when it comes to integrated development environments. Visual Studio Code (32%) and PyCharm (29%) stand out as the top choices for Python development, showcasing the community’s affinity for well-equipped IDEs that enhance productivity.

While Python’s growth and versatility are evident, the survey also underscores the continued importance of the Python community’s commitment to learning and professional development. A significant 27% of respondents reported actively learning new versions of Python, indicating a proactive approach to staying up to date with the language’s advancements.

The 2023 survey results showcase Python’s enduring appeal as a versatile and adaptable programming language, capable of powering a wide array of applications and benefiting from a rich ecosystem of frameworks, libraries and development tools. Python’s widespread adoption and continued growth further emphasize its relevance in the ever-evolving landscape of programming languages.


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