Large businesses need comprehensive, all-encompassing human resource software. And one top contender is ADP Enterprise HR. This title is a fully loaded human capital management solution designed for mature entities. Specifically, the platform targets workforces with over 1,000 employees, although any size entity can use it.

This massive solution includes plenty of advanced features, such as facial recognition and AI-powered reporting. But there’s no transparency on pricing, making it hard to determine if you’re getting a fair deal. Plus, you’ll need to train your workforce to properly use the software, which means a time and money investment.

Let’s explore if ADP Enterprise HR is right for your operation.

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ADP Enterprise HR pricing

Unfortunately, ADP doesn’t publish its pricing information. Instead, you’ll have to contact a sales representative for a quote. Your final cost depends on your workforce size, countries of operation and specific functionality needed, among other factors.

Many large-scale payroll software providers obscure their pricing because each client’s setup is customized. So, ADP isn’t unique in this sense. Still, this lack of transparency makes it difficult for businesses to determine whether they’re getting a good deal. You may have to gather a few quotes to really get a sense of what’s best for your business.

Key features of ADP Enterprise HR

Customizable payroll and HR management

ADP Enterprise HR can conform to your specific business needs. Indeed, ADP can create a tailored installation package that sports the functionality right for you. This perk is unique because many competitors only offer a one-size-fits-all platform.

So, if your business operates in Europe and North America, you can snag payroll support accordingly. Meanwhile, if you want to invest heavily in recruiting and less so in existing workforce management, consider it done. No matter what your specific needs are, ADP’s platform is arranged to match perfectly.

Richly deep workforce data

Given ADP’s goliath footprint, the company has a wealth of data on salaries, taxes, hiring trends and more. Luckily, you can tap into this information via ADP DataCloud, an analytics and reporting platform included with the software. Anonymized statistics from over 30 million U.S.-based employees and their respective employers are available for research.

This immensely valuable perk provides crucial intel to help your business identify workforce trends. You can then make better executive decisions based on this data, which can result in cost savings in the long term.

Top-notch guidance and service

ADP offers personalized guidance and service to help organizations get the most out of the software. And as businesses evolve, the company also shifts its support to adapt new HCM strategies and processes to meet changing needs. This highly personalized approach ensures you’ll get the most out of the software while remaining legally compliant.

Superb mobile access

The platform boasts a stunningly useful mobile app called ADP Mobile Solutions. With this tool, available on iOS and Android devices, employees can clock time, view pay statements, access retirement accounts and manage benefits, among other tasks. Meanwhile, managers can track and approve timesheets from anywhere, manage their teams on the go, edit work schedules, approve timesheets and time-off requests and more.

ADP Enterprise HR pros

Every administrative tool has virtues and downsides. ADP Enterprise HR is no different. Here’s a look at the goodness of this powerful solution.

Integrated solution

ADP Enterprise HR stands out for its integrated approach. This one-stop shop offering delivers a unified platform encompassing human resources, benefits and payroll management, plus other functions. Simply put, you won’t have to venture elsewhere for digital administrative support.

Cutting-edge offerings

The software delivers top-notch, state-of-the-art features that make any technology lover squeal with joy. For example, employees can log in with facial recognition. The company also pledges to ethically deploy artificial intelligence where appropriate, such as in reporting and data analytics. Bottom line, if you want cutting-edge features that will leave you in awe, ADP Enterprise HR is an excellent match.

Customization and scalability

The software offers extensive customization options, meeting large enterprises’ diverse and complex HR requirements. You can count on ADP Enterprise HR from your business’s cradle to grave. This lifelong use keeps things convenient and eliminates the need to adopt new software down the road.

Automation and analytics

The platform includes plenty of automated, time-saving features to make your life easier. Some examples include automated time-keeping and attendance tracking that reduce human error. Meanwhile, robust analytics using artificial intelligence support inform decision making.

ADP Enterprise HR cons

Now, let’s take a glimpse at a couple downsides to the software suite.

Occasional glitches and delays

Some users might experience lag and glitches with certain features, such as the Face ID facial recognition login. These delays could hinder the user experience. Such issues are inherent to such a massive, complex software suite as there are many moving parts. So, if you demand a simple and quick user interface, ADP Enterprise HR may feel too bulky.

Cost concerns

As mentioned above, the software’s pricing isn’t disclosed publicly. Not only is this inconvenient upfront, but it could make it difficult to determine if you’re getting a good deal compared to other products, over the long term. For example if your cost increases, you may not necessarily know if it’s the same across the industry, because you don’t have solid information to reference.

Steep learning curve

The ADP Enterprise HR package involves a steep learning curve. In fact, the company’s software can get so complicated, there are certifications available to prove technical knowledge.

Even if this training is easy for you to tackle, you’ll need to consider other users’ abilities. If your workforce is large, you’ll need a sophisticated training program for everyone to fully master the platform. This mandate involves a substantial investment of time and money.

If ADP Enterprise HR isn’t ideal for you, check out these alternatives

Paycor icon.
Image: Paycor


Paycor is a similarly comprehensive alternative to ADP. However, the software boasts a more user-friendly interface while still delivering robust functionalities in payroll processing, HR management and recruiting, among other functions. Simply put, this alternative is ideal if you need rich functionality but with a more user-friendly and approachable interface.

OnPay icon.
Image: OnPay


OnPay is an excellent alternative for handling payroll, particularly for hourly and contract employees​​. It’s more streamlined and easier to use compared to ADP. However, this user-friendliness better matches small businesses or startups with less complex HR and payroll needs.

Gusto icon.
Image: Gusto


Gusto is prized for its customized payroll solutions and suitability for both small and medium-sized businesses​​. It delivers a simple, intuitive platform for payroll, benefits and HR management. This beginner-friendly look and feel is a breath of fresh air for those weary of software complexities. Plus, the software also provides a range of automated features, such as full-service tax filing, which can save time and money.

Review methodology

We carefully analyzed ADP Enterprise HR’s suitability for large, mature businesses and if it applies to smaller entities. We also considered user reviews, features, functions available, customer support options and scalability, among other factors. Finally, we took a look at competitors to determine options for those desiring something else altogether.


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