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Connect and protect your whole team with this mini router that offers 10,000 sq ft coverage and a built-in VPN for the low price of $599.99.

Mini router on table top.
Image: StackCommerce

When people visit your office or event, they expect to find Wi-Fi. It’s a digital courtesy that all credible businesses provide today. Delivering this kind of service can pose some surprising technical challenges. But not with The Mini from Routie.

This palm-sized router can power a public network that stretches 10,000 sq. ft, with VPN protection built in. You can get it today, bundled with an extender and lifetime service, for just $599.99 via TechRepublic Academy.

According to recent surveys, 47% of Americans connect to public Wi-Fi on a regular basis. Some use these networks to work remotely. Others simply log on to message friends or stream content.

Whatever the reason, people really value this facility. And if your venue doesn’t provide the option, they might just go somewhere else.

The Mini by Routie is probably the easiest way to set up a guest network. It’s small enough for even the most cramped coffee shop, yet powerful enough to deliver connectivity throughout a multi-story hotel. Just as importantly, it’s plug in and play.

You can set up The Mini in a few minutes, adding your own personalized portal for digital visitors. There is no software to install, and the only additional hardware you need is the supplied extender. This plugs into any socket and boosts the signal from the main router.

In combination, the two devices can provide 10,000 square feet of coverage. You can either provide connectivity for free in exchange for customer data or set up a paid system where you keep 80% of the revenue.

The Mini can also run two password-protected networks alongside your guest Wi-Fi, with support for point-of-sale connectivity. And thanks to built-in VPN protection, you don’t need to worry about anyone hacking your network.

Order today to get The Mini, the Edge Extender and lifetime service for just $599.99 — saving almost $900 on the standard price.

Prices and availability are subject to change.

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