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If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to try and cut down on your business expenses, it might be helpful to take on some of the tasks you’re currently paying others to do. For instance, you can at least cover some of the bookkeeping responsibilities once you learn basic accounting skills. And right now, you can get The Essential 2023/2024 Business Accounting Basics Bundle for just $29.99 at TechRepublic Academy.

All of the courses in this bundle were specifically designed for beginners. Fundamentals of Accounting teaches you the correct way to record and document business transactions, how to categorize and track accounts, generate financial statements and other aspects of double-entry accounting.

An Introduction to Payroll Accounting is a crowd favorite, with a perfect 5-star rating from students. It covers core elements such as calculating gross pay, benefits in kind, tips, statutory and tax-exempt deductions, terminology and much more. Managerial Accounting Basics explains product costs and profitability, key trends in accounting and reporting and more.

You’ll learn how and why to use financial statements in your business, as well as how to read and interpret them, in Business Accounting & Finance: Essentials of Financial Statement Analysis. Tax Preparation 2021-2022 Part 1: Intro & Excel Tax Formula teaches you about tax forms, formulas and software, how to stay in compliance with tax obligations and much more.

Small service-based companies will benefit from Accounting for Coaching Businesses & Any Other Service-Based Small Business. It teaches how to make more informed decisions for your business by tracking income and expenses, reading simple financial statements and more.

Introduction to the New Accounting Trend: Cloud Accounting covers the main features of cloud accounting, its benefits for your business, software options and more. Foundation to Carbon Accounting explains the definitions and terminology of carbon accounting, the impact of emissions reduction strategies on your business and more.

These courses are presented by SkillSuccess, which offers over 2,000 online video courses and has been featured on Entrepreneur, CNN, CNET, Mashable and more. Start the New Year off right by learning useful skills and saving on services like cloud storage, marketing and more.

Save money by learning basic accounting skills with The Essential 2023/2024 Business Accounting Basics Bundle, now at $29.99.

Prices and availability are subject to change.

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