A picture of the new Dell XPS 13, 14 and 16 Laptops.

Dell showed the next versions of its XPS line of laptops on Thursday in advance of CES 2024, with new, larger sizes and AI integration. The new Dell XPS 13, 14 and 16 will come with Microsoft’s Windows Copilot keys for easy access to generative AI features.

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Details about Dell’s three new XPS laptops

Dell’s new models of XPS laptops are successors to last year’s XPS 13 Plus. The XPS 13 Plus has been renamed XPS 13, and larger XPS 14 and 16 models have been added to the line.

Like the XPS 13 Plus, these laptops’ designs focus on smoothness and touch-sensitive surfaces. The touch function row above the keyboard controls both media and function keys, while the touchpad blends into the rest of the body smoothly thanks to seamless glass. The screen uses Dell’s modern InfinityEdge panels and includes OLED touch options, variable refresh rates, high-resolution options and Dolby Vision.

SEE: Dell has been working on easily-accessible generative AI throughout the last year, including partnering with NVIDIA. (TechRepublic) 

The XPS 13 starts at $1,299 in the U.S. and will be available soon, Dell said. It’s possible that soon means between February and the end of spring 2024, because that is when Microsoft said laptops with the Windows for Copilot button will be rolling out from various partners.

The Dell XPS 16 is the new high-powered entry in the XPS line of laptops. It runs Intel Core Ultra processors and NVIDIA GeForce RTX GPUs (up to the GeForce RTX 4050 GPU). The Dell XPS 16 is suitable for and officially valuated by NVIDIA for 3D rendering, video editing and live streaming, as is the Dell XPS 14 line. XPS 16 will start at $1,899 in the U.S. and will be available soon.

The Dell XPS 14 is 21% lighter than the XPS 16, according to Dell, but is still valuated for high-performance editing, gaming and streaming. Dell’s XPS 14 laptop will start at $1,699.

New laptop models feature AI acceleration engine

As most device makers are doing today, Dell is emphasizing that generative AI can run on its laptops – and on-device at that. Dell’s XPS laptop line features a built-in AI acceleration engine with a neural processing unit for tasks including photo editing. The new XPS line runs on Windows 11, which comes with the Copilot for Windows generative AI assistant.

Competitors to Dell’s XPS laptop line

Dell’s primary competitor to its XPS laptops is Apple’s MacBook Pro lineup, which shares some of the same sizes and the sleek look. HP, Lenovo, Microsoft and Acer offer similar products.

Editorial notes: We have reached out to Dell for comment. Also, TechRepublic is covering CES 2024 remotely.


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