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EaseUS’s fast facts

Our product rating: 5/5

Pricing: Starts at $0 with some limitations

Key features:

  • File and app transfer.
  • PC backup.
  • PC cleanup.
  • Data rescue from dead PCs.
  • Migration of user accounts and settings.

EaseUS Todo PCTrans is a user-friendly PC transfer tool that simplifies the process of moving data, applications and user settings from one PC to another. This tool is especially useful when upgrading to a new PC or reinstalling an operating system, ensuring important files and applications are not lost in the process.

EaseUS Todo PCTrans pricing

EaseUS Todo PCTrans offers both free and paid versions to accommodate a variety of user requirements. The Free and Pro plans are best for home use, while the Server and technician plans are ideal for business use.

Todo PCTrans Free

The Free version of EaseUS Todo PCTrans allows for the transfer of data, applications and settings between PCs, making it an ideal choice for users needing to move essential files and a limited number of applications. While it provides basic transfer capabilities, it lacks the advanced features found in the Pro versions, such as unlimited transfers, recovering data from a dead PC, finding product keys and accessing technical support.

Todo PCTrans Pro (one month)

For a price of $49.95, the One-month Pro version offers comprehensive migration solutions, including the ability to transfer data, apps, accounts and settings, as well as move installed programs to local disks and backup and recover data and programs. It also enables users to find product keys for Windows, Office and other software.

This option is suitable for users who require a full-featured migration tool for one-time use, providing free technical support for the duration of the license.

Todo PCTrans Pro (Lifetime Upgrades)

For users seeking a long-term migration solution, the Lifetime Upgrades Pro version at $69.95 includes all the features of the one-month Pro version with the added benefit of lifetime upgrades to the latest version of Todo PCTrans. This ensures that users have access to ongoing updates and new features, making it a worthy investment for users who anticipate future PC migrations or want to ensure compatibility with new operating systems and technologies.

Todo PCTrans Server

Priced at $299, the Server Edition is tailored for server systems, offering advanced features to support data migration in complex server environments. It includes all the Pro features and adds support for Windows Server versions, including 2022, 2019, 2016, 2012, 2008 and 2003. This edition is suitable for businesses looking to migrate server data without disrupting their operations.

Todo PCTrans Technician

The Technician Edition, available for $399, is the most comprehensive package, designed for IT professionals and service providers. It extends the capabilities of the Pro and Server editions to include batch installation, domain account transfers, and the flexibility to provide service to multiple clients. This edition allows unlimited usage within one company, making it an asset for IT service businesses.

Key features of EaseUS Todo PCTrans

EaseUS Todo PCTrans Pro is equipped with a robust set of features aimed at simplifying the PC migration process. These features are presented via an appealing, sleek blue interface that never once felt convoluted or overwhelming.

File and app transfer

EaseUS Todo PCTrans Pro makes it easy to migrate essential data, including documents, multimedia files and software settings, from one computer to another without risking data loss. All it takes is a moment to download and install the program on a PC and just a few clicks to execute the transfer. It supports a broad array of applications, notably the MS Office suite, and makes sure the transition to a new device is seamless.

EaseUS Todo PC to PC transfer
My attempt at setting up a connection with an old PC. Image: Collins Ayuya/EaseUS

PC backup

In response to the increasing threat of ransomware and other digital dangers, EaseUS Todo PCTrans Pro offers a thorough backup solution that creates a complete copy of your PC. This backup, encompassing everything from personal files to application settings, can be stored on a variety of media, ensuring quick recovery when necessary.

EaseUS Todo backup
Creating my backup file. Image: Collins Ayuya/EaseUS

PC cleanup

EaseUS Todo PCTrans also aids in optimizing a PC’s performance by cleaning up unnecessary system files, eliminating large redundant files and solving the “C drive is full” issue by decluttering or relocating files. This results in a more efficient, faster and smoother-running PC. However, it took me running the cleanup process a few times to get rid of the junk files, as it only removed a portion of the junk files at first as a portion of the files weren’t ready to be removed.

EaseUS Todo junk
Screenshot of my discovery of 2.61 GB of junk files. Image: Collins Ayuya/EaseUS

Data rescue from unbootable computers

EaseUS Todo PCTrans Pro can recover valuable data and accounts from computers that fail to boot, transferring them from the old hard drive to a new computer. This feature ensures that no critical information is lost during the migration process. I wasn’t able to test this feature to completion, as all my PCs are functional, but I followed ‘til the screen that detailed three clear and easy-to-follow steps to start the data rescue process.

EaseUS Todo data rescue
Data rescue process prerequisites. Image: Collins Ayuya/EaseUS

User account and settings migration

Beyond moving files and applications, users can also transfer their accounts, passwords, profiles and personalized settings to a new PC. This thorough migration process helps users quickly adapt to their new computers, with compatibility across all Windows versions, including Windows 11.

EaseUS Todo PCTrans pros and cons

Pros Cons
A simple user-friendly interface ensures an intuitive experience. The free version has limited capabilities.
It transfers not only files but also applications and settings. Couldn’t find a USB transfer option
Its packages consider both home and business use. Transfers and scans can be slow.
It works with various Windows OS versions. You have to download the tool to your local disk and install it too.

EaseUS Todo PCTrans alternatives

Feature EaseUS Todo PCTrans PCmover by Laplink Zinstall WinWin Aconis True Image
Data transfer Yes Yes Yes Yes (via cloning)
Application migration Yes Yes Yes No
User settings migration Yes Yes Yes No
Operating system support Windows Windows Windows Windows, Mac
Backup and recovery Yes No No Yes
Cloud integration No No No Yes
Starting price $49.95 $59.95 $129 $34.99 per computer per year

PCmover by Laplink

PCmover by Laplink is a straightforward solution for users seeking a direct PC-to-PC transfer. It stands out for its ability to move software, files and settings directly between two computers over a network. This becomes a great consideration for anyone who wants a seamless transition without the need for intermediate storage.

Zinstall WinWin

Zinstall WinWin is software designed for work environments, as its best work is seen in comprehensive system migrations, including applications, files and settings. It’s a great fit for users upgrading from older Windows versions to Windows 10 or 11.

Acronis True Image

Acronis True Image is best for users in need of robust backup and disaster recovery options, alongside migration capabilities. While it doesn’t specialize in application migration, its strong suit is creating an exact replica of your system for backup or transfer purposes.

Review methodology

To present this review, I tested the free version of EaseUS Todo PCTrans across the capabilities it presents across the categories of transfer, cleanup and protection. This enabled me to get that valuable hands-on feel of the product and see whether the features listed in its website are actually effective and experience the user interface and gauge the tool’s intuitiveness.

My experience with EaseUS Todo PCTrans helped me determine its strengths and weaknesses too and pointed to the kind of alternatives to the tool that are worth considering. It proved to be easy to use, with a clean interface and a straightforward purpose. Aside from having to download and install the tool, and the fact that it doesn’t have a USB transfer option, all else was well worked — leading me to award it a 5/5 score.

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