Get an advanced investing education plus data on 30,000 stocks from the Tykr Stock Screener: Pro Plan. Use code STOCK until November 26th.

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You’ve worked hard to earn profits from your business, and when they’re invested in the market, watching the current turbulence can be stressful. However, these situations can actually offer opportunities for knowledgeable investors. Now, you can learn about investments from experts as well as receive valuable stock screening information with a lifetime subscription to the Tykr Stock Screener: Pro Plan for just $99.97 with coupon code: STOCK.

Tykr can be an incredibly useful tool because its algorithm analyzes stocks by considering a variety of factors. So, it can help everyday people navigate the complexities involved, including buying dips during downturns.

Just as you want the most effective tools for your business, you should also have the best for your investments. With an amazing rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars on both Trustpilot and AppSumo, you know that you can have full confidence in Tykr’s effectiveness. Tykr will teach you how to manage your investments, without guesswork, to beat inflation and reduce risk.

Tykr Stock Screener is extremely user-friendly. You’ll begin with the basics of investing and can take advantage of Tykr’s powerful algorithm. Most important, you’ll have access to information on over 30,000 stocks — both domestic and international. This includes the type of expert analysis that makes it easy for you to see which stocks have more risk and which have less.

You’ll receive summaries for each stock that include labeling them On Sale, Overpriced or Watch. Overall strength of the stocks will be scored, plus margin of safety percentages will be assigned. Combining this data can increase the chances of investments yielding higher returns. You could possibly find great investments in just 30 seconds.

Protect your investments by learning how to invest wisely and using the most effective stock screening tool available. Get a lifetime subscription to the Tykr Stock Screener: Pro Plan today while it’s on sale for just $99.97 with coupon code: STOCK. Valid until November 26th.

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