An embedded systems engineer programming on his computer.
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Complex devices — such as cars and medical equipment — feature embedded systems. That is, a system enclosed within a larger one that performs a specialized function. And people who know how to work with them are in high demand, which means that bringing some knowledge in-house can benefit your business. We’re offering the 2024 Embedded Systems Engineer Bootcamp Bundle at a discounted price, so it’s easier than ever to get started.

The 2024 Embedded Systems Engineer Bootcamp Bundle provides a beginner-friendly look at both the mechanical and software sides of this professional field. Through three in-depth courses, students get acquainted with microcontroller technologies, the electronic components that make embedded systems work, as well as how to use a breadboard for prototyping.

Then they’ll discover how to make those microcontrollers perform specific tasks by learning how to code with C. They’ll be introduced to the basics of the language, learn how to adapt their code as technological systems evolve, and they’ll even start writing programs from scratch. By the end, students should possess the tools required to work with embedded systems, albeit in an entry-level capacity.

As far as educational opportunities go, this one is about as flexible as it gets. The courses are delivered online and can be completed in as little as 18 hours. The speed of your progress, however, is yours to determine. You’ll enjoy lifetime access to the bundle, so you are free to go at your own pace. And since there are no class schedules, you can learn at any time — morning, noon or night.

Depending on location, embedded systems engineers can earn anywhere from $105k to $164k per year. If this is an area you’ve considered, then the 2024 Embedded Systems Engineer Bootcamp Bundle is a resource that’s worth having in your corner. And since you can get it right now with savings of $155 off the regular price, it’s especially affordable.

Get the 2024 Embedded Systems Engineer Bootcamp Bundle for the limited time price of only $14.99 (reg. $170).

Prices and availability are subject to change.


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