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If you’re hoping to generate a bit more revenue in 2024 but don’t have a lot of extra time to devote to that goal, then creating a passive income stream could be the perfect solution. It’s much less time-intensive than a business that requires you to be physically present — you can literally make money while you sleep. The 2023 Build a Passive Income Online Business from Scratch Bundle will teach you a variety of ways to make that happen, all for $29.99 at TechRepublic Academy.

Even if you have no idea how e-commerce works, you can learn from scratch starting with Start an Online Business: Get Ideas, Build a Blog, Promote & Launch — a featured course in the bundle. You’ll need a website, but there’s no reason to feel intimidated because Create a Website: Hosting, WordPress Setup & Blog Design is a course that explains it all in great detail.

You also don’t need to worry about creating content for your website because that’s covered in Content Writing Secrets: Content Strategy for Connection & Growth. Few things are more important to an online business than an email list, but getting people to part with their precious email addresses can be a huge challenge. Learn the best way to go about it in Build an Email List: Email Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Audience.

You’ll also learn how to cash in on the two hottest online businesses right now, ebooks and courses, in Create an eBook: Write, Design & Publish an eBook from Scratch and Create an Online Course: Launch to Success with Confidence. Each module includes assignments, interactive quizzes and course materials.

You get lifetime access to everything, including updates and community support. These courses are presented by passive income expert Lauren Lbik, a former CPA currently traveling the world as she works remotely on her two blogs, Avocadu.com and Createandgo.com. Lbik has an average instructor rating of 4.6/5 stars.

In-depth e-commerce training may be all you need to start working from all over the world yourself if you choose.

Get The 2023 Build a Passive Income Online Business from Scratch Bundle and learn how to create a passive income stream for only $29.99.

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