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OpenAI has been teasing its storefront for custom versions of ChatGPT for two months, and the doors are now open to the GPT Store. The store, which is accessible to ChatGPT subscribers, provides a gallery of GPTs that are purpose-tweaked generative AI chatbots for image generation, writing, education, programming and more. Chatbot builders will be able to promote their creations, while professionals and consumers may find chatbots more specialized and practical for their needs than ChatGPT.

How do I access the GPT Store?

The GPT Store (Figure A) is available at chat.openai.com/gpts for people with subscriptions to ChatGPT Plus, ChatGPT Enterprise and ChatGPT Team, a variant of ChatGPT Enterprise for smaller use cases.

Figure A

An image of the GPT Store
A screenshot of the GPT Store. Image: OpenAI

Some organizations have already partnered with OpenAI to provide services via the GPT Store. For instance, Canva’s GPT lets professionals design social media posts or presentations using natural language prompts.

OpenAI plans to set up a revenue system in which chatbot builders in the U.S. can be paid for their GPTs. This is expected to be available later in Q1 2024.

Creators who have made GPTs can offer their chatbots in the store by marking them as for Everyone (as opposed to the Anyone with a link option) and filling out the Builder Profile in Settings.

What is ChatGPT Team?

On Jan. 10, OpenAI also announced ChatGPT Team (Figure B), which offers teams a collaborative environment to share GPTs and prompts.

Figure B

A screenshot of ChatGPT Team.
A screenshot of ChatGPT Team. Image: OpenAI

ChatGPT Team is not quite as hefty as ChatGPT Enterprise; ChatGPT Team provides access to GPT-4 with a 32K token context window, while ChatGPT Enterprise offers a 128K token context window.

OpenAI notes that since ChatGPT Team is made for business, data within it will not be shared with OpenAI or used to train other generative AI.

ChatGPT Team is a $25 month per user per year or $30 per month business solution.

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