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monday.com review

Rating 5/5
Starting price (per user, billed monthly) $12
Starting price (per user, billed yearly) $9
Key features
  • Multiple project view types, including timeline, Gantt chart and kanban board, to enhance visual collaboration.
  • Highly customizable dashboard and templates.
  • Ability to import data from third-party apps such as Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets.
  • Many customizable and prebuilt automations for streamlining project processes.

Finding a project management solution that’s both flexible and feature-rich and offers a free plan may seem hard. The bright side is monday work management can do all of that and more for project planning teams. In this monday.com review, we look at its pros, cons, standout features and pricing. We also highlight a few alternatives and share our review methodology.

What is monday.com?

monday.com logo.
Image: monday.com

monday work management is a customizable project management solution designed to help businesses streamline their operations. You can use this software to track projects, visualize data, empower team collaboration and more. The software is loaded with features, including kanban boards, agile roadmaps, sprint planning, tables and Gantt charts.

Hands-on monday.com review results

Our experience exploring monday.com was positive. The interface is intuitive; it has clear labels, built-in tutorials, interactive hover text and an adjustable theme from light to dark. While there are many features and dropdown menus to go through, it gets easier with time.

Criteria Score (out of 5)
Features 4.9
Pricing 4.3
Ease of use 5
Service and support 5

monday.com pricing: 4.3/5

Score: 4.3/5

Pricing plan Cost/month (per user,
billed monthly)
Cost/month (per user,
billed annually)
Free N/A N/A
Basic $12 $9
Standard $14 $12
Pro $24 $19
Enterprise Custom pricing Custom pricing


In this plan, teams have up to two seats, three boards and unlimited docs. They can use over 200 templates and eight column types. To get started, download the mobile app.


This plan offers a fair upgrade even though there is a three-user minimum for all paid plans. In Basic, you have unlimited free viewers, 5GB of storage, 20 column types and everything in the Free plan. Aside from extra benefits, it’s pretty close to Free in functionality, so definitely take your time considering it.


In Standard, your account has 20GB of storage, timeline and Gantt chart views, and dashboards that can combine five boards. Teams can also access automation and integrations.


For Pro plan users, you can view projects by chart and workload, expand with 100GB of storage and combine 10 boards in one dashboard. The plan also offers time tracking, private boards and one year of activity logs.


With the Enterprise plan, you get tailored onboarding, premium support, advanced reporting features, more customization and security. For pricing teams, contact sales.

Core monday.com features: 4.9/5

monday.com is a tool that has a wealth of features, maybe too many for some, but still impressive. From work visualizations to team collaboration, monday.com has a lot to explore.


monday work management offers users a Main Table feature for storing all data with a handful of additional views for different visual workers or enhancing visibility and productivity. You can customize the dashboard (Figure A) according to your preferences. This means adding or removing columns, changing group colors, adding new status labels or changing display themes.

monday.com dashboard with Gantt chart.
Figure A: monday.com dashboard with Gantt chart. Image: monday.com

You also get access to customizable templates that cover a wide range of industries and use cases, such as marketing and human resources.


All of the top project management software solutions include a handful of options for viewing and interacting with project data (Figure B), such as spreadsheets, kanban boards and Gantt charts. monday work management features these and more to provide different ways to enhance visual collaboration.

SEE: Learn how to create a Gantt chart in monday work management.

Kanban board in monday.
Figure B: Kanban board in monday. Image: monday.com

Easy data import

The project management platform is capable of uploading and integrating Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel data through the data import feature (Figure C). This means if you are transitioning from another project management software, you don’t have to manually re-enter all of the data into monday work management.

Of course, you will have to get the data in the right format, but once you have that, you simply import it into monday work management software. According to monday work management, the entire data import process takes 2–10 minutes, depending on the data size.

monday.com import feature.
Figure C: monday.com import feature. Image: monday.com


From the Automation Center, users have access to a long list of pre-built automations (Figure D) for processes such as notifying stakeholders, changing task statuses or creating and moving items. You can customize the trigger, condition and action for each automation.

SEE: Learn how to set up and use automations in monday work management.

monday.com automation interface.
Figure D: monday.com automation interface. Image: monday.com


As one of the leading project management software on the market, monday work management offers several features for the security and privacy of data. All data transmission in monday work management is encrypted at 256-bit and sent through TLS 1.2. The cloud data is hosted in multiple data centers of Amazon Web Services across the country for maximum security.

In addition, the critical data is backed up every five minutes for an added layer of security. And the experienced technical team at monday.com ensures the site remains up and running even with all of the maintenance work in the background.

In the Enterprise plan, teams can take advantage of more security features for their data, including HIPAA compliance and private workspaces.

monday.com ease of use: 5/5

When it comes to initial setup and resources, monday.com has great ease of use for teams. Its user interface is intuitive with built-in tutorials. Onboarding for teams is generally easy, but it gets harder when you’re trying to use more advanced features. It has a mobile app as well, so teams can use it on the go.

monday.com customer service and support: 5/5

On the overall scale, monday.com has high-rated customer support and fairly equal access in all subscriptions, which isn’t the norm.

Free resources

In monday.com, all users can benefit from the platform’s free self-service options. It has a knowledge base, a community forum, a learning academy and daily live webinars. The software is intuitive to learn, but if your team has some complex projects, you should take the time to explore these resources and incorporate them into training.

Customer support

Customer support ratings are very good for paid plans and higher tiers. Access to support is available across all tiers. 24/7 support is offered in Free, Basic, Standard and Pro. The Enterprise plan has the added benefit of a dedicated customer success manager.

Customer reviews

Reviews for monday.com are mostly positive. People enjoy the features, the interface and the different work views. It’s also easy to modify and duplicate tasks, which isn’t always available in other software.

The downside is cost. The increasing cost of adding members can be the reason some switch from monday.com. The software is also dense, which means you need to budget time to learn. The more complex projects you have the more you need to practice using the software’s diverse tools.

monday.com pros and cons

Pros Cons
Clean and intuitive user interface that isn’t bogged down by the platform’s extensive features. Advanced features have a steep learning curve.
Robust customization options. Time tracking is available only in the Pro account.
Powerful automation tools. Automation, work views and integrations are limited across plan tiers.
An extensive list of integrations.

Best uses for monday.com

With monday work management, you get outstanding versatility, which means it’s suitable for different types of users. Any businesses looking for a customizable project management solution that offers an extensive range of features should find monday work management a good fit for their organization. Here are some of the typical customers and users of monday work management.

General users

The most common end users of monday.com are business teams, freelancers, nonprofits, schools and personal users. Startups, students, nonprofits and individuals can benefit from using the free plan to manage projects. Larger and established teams will enjoy the abundance of features such as automation and reporting in higher tiers.

Marketing and sales

While monday.com is a great project management tool, it’s especially suited for marketing, advertising and sales projects. You can manage campaigns, events, leads, contacts and even customer onboarding.

Project management

Teams can use the application for advanced project management. It offers powerful features such as resource management, risk management, interactive Gantt charts and task dependencies.

monday.com alternatives and competitors

monday.com Trello ClickUp Asana
Starting price for paid plans, billed annually $9 $5 $7 $10.99
Starting price for paid plans, billed monthly $12 $6 $10 $13.49
Native time tracking Yes No Yes Yes
Built-in messaging Yes No Yes Yes
Storage 500MB to 1000GB Unlimited storage (250MB/file) Unlimited for paid tiers Unlimited storage (100MB per file)
Free trial 14 days 14 days 30 days 30 days


Trello logo.
Image: Trello

While monday work management is more suitable for complex projects, if you want simplicity, then Trello is a better option. Trello is ideally suited for solo entrepreneurs, freelancers or small teams. Trello also has one of the best free versions for any project management software. Just remember that you won’t get native time tracking or inbuilt messaging with Trello.

SEE: For a closer look, check out our in-depth comparison of monday work management and Trello.


ClickUp logo.
Image: ClickUp

ClickUp and monday work management have a comparable set of features and excellent user reviews. Some users have found ClickUp’s user interface to be cleaner and better organized. You also get some unique features with ClickUp, including in-app video recording and email features.

SEE: For a closer look, check out our in-depth comparison of monday work management and ClickUp.


Asana logo.
Image: Asana

With its robust features and customization capabilities, Asana is another top alternative to monday work management. With Asana, you don’t get the 24/7 customer service offered by monday work management. Some users have found Asana to offer better team collaboration features compared to monday work management.

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monday.com review methodology

While monday.com offers several different products for varying use cases, this review primarily focused on the monday work management platform. We based our review of this monday.com solution on a combination of hands-on use of the software, product specifications and customer testimonials on third-party sites.

Several parameters were considered for this review, including the usability of the software, pricing, advantages, disadvantages, core features and advanced tools. We also looked at product specifications and documents from the vendor’s website to better understand what the solution has to offer.

If you’re not sure if monday work management is the right fit for your project team, check out these other monday.com alternatives.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About monday.com

Is monday.com suitable for all types of teams and industries?

monday.com is designed to be flexible and customizable, making it suitable for a wide range of teams and industries. It can be used by small teams or large organizations in sectors like marketing, project management, software development, sales, and more.

Can I try/use monday.com for free?

Yes, monday.com offers a 14-day free trial period for new users to test out the platform’s advanced features and see if it meets their team’s needs. The company also offers a free forever plan for those on-budget.

What integrations does monday.com offer?

monday.com integrates with over 200 third-party applications, including Slack, Google Drive, HubSpot, GitLab, and Zoom. These integrations allow teams to connect their existing tools and consolidate their work processes within monday.com.

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