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TL;DR: Whether you’re launching a new venture or upgrading your business site, WP Buzz Managed WordPress Hosting offers unmatched service — and three-year subscriptions are now under $50.

Strong web hosting is the foundation for any successful online brand. It allows visitors to access your site whenever they want, without endless loading and possible security threats. And when it comes to WordPress hosting, WP Buzz is the queen bee.

This highly rated provider offers rock-solid performance, unlimited storage and a whole heap of useful features. Right now, you can get three years of managed WordPress hosting for only $49.99 in a special price drop at TechRepublic Academy.

Crafting a good website takes time. In most cases, it’s worth the effort. Visitors who have a positive experience are much more likely to become customers.

However, people don’t like waiting. Studies show that for every second longer it takes your site to load, customer satisfaction diminishes by 16% on average. That’s pretty alarming stuff.

If you want to keep your visitors happy without breaking the bank, WP Buzz has you covered. Rated at 4.8/5 stars on Trustpilot, this innovative web host offers high-end performance at small business prices.

If your website is built on WordPress, switching to WP Buzz is a no-brainer. Because the service is optimized for one CMS, it runs up to 10 times faster than traditional hosting.

If this figure sounds crazy high, bear in mind that WP Buzz uses edge caching and CDN to max out performance. At the same time, auto-scaling ensures that your site can react to any peak in traffic.

The built-in firewall protects your site from hackers, and plugin monitoring ensures you can’t accidentally install a virus. You can manage your site via any device, with a control panel that is super easy to use.

The best part? Pretty much everything is unlimited: traffic, bandwidth, storage, email accounts and even site migrations. You also get free SSL certification. It adds up to the perfect package for anyone trying to grow a WordPress website — particularly if you hate the technical details.

Order today for just $49.99 to get your three-year subscription to WP Buzz Managed WordPress Hosting, saving a massive $247 on the standard price.

Prices and availability are subject to change.

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